Esther the hedgehog
With a donation of €20-49

Two-piece Natural Cosmetics Set
With a donation of €50-99

Lasercut, travel-sized backgammon board
With a donation of €100 or more

Macrame dragonfly keychain (bonus gift)
For our monthly donors

Winter Campaign

Our annual winter campaign is a time of special appreciation and recognition for the generosity of individuals which makes Habibi.Works possible. We know there are so many ways our donors could spend their money, and so many valuable causes to support. That you choose to stand behind ours means something, and we are glad to have individuals all across the world in our network. That is why our team gathers every year in November to design, produce and ship special tokens of appreciation – a small piece of Habibi.Works sent right to your door.

Everything we do at Habibi.Works has at its core the belief that individuals are the experts of their own lives, and the ability to bring this conviction to life is made possible by your generous donations. The value of a financial donation cannot be quantified, even in euros, but the aim of this campaign is to offer a token of appreciation to everyone who makes this project possible.

How it works

The concept is simple: make a donation by the 5th of December and we ‎will send a handmade product, lovingly crafted at Habibi.Works straight to your home in time for the holidays.*

Which item, or set of items, you receive will depend on the donation you make. Find out which hand-crafted items you could receive this year below.

Donations arriving between December 6th -16th will still be eligible to receive a gift, but may only arrive to you after the end of the year.

Any donations made after December 16th will not receive a gift, but we will still send all our warm wishes your way!

Please clearly state your address when making a donation in order for us to be able to send your items!

* Note that unfortunately we are only able to ship to addresses within the European Union. While we will do our best to ensure your parcel reaches your home by Christmas, we put our trust in the postal system and cannot give a 100% guarantee!

The gifts

Esther the hedgehog
Winter Campaing 2023_Cat.1-Esther-the-hedgehog

Esther the hedgehog

When you make a donation of €20-49 you will receive Esther the hedgehog, the latest addition to a family of lasercut 3D creatures introduced to you through our winter campaigns over the years. A nocturnal little mammal often found in our forest-dense region of Epirus, the hedgehog symbolises resilience, self-protection and adaptability.
Natural cosmetics set
Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics set

For a donation of €50-99 you will receive a two-piece natural cosmetics set made entirely of natural ingredients. It includes a beeswax-based lip balm and headache-relieving roll-on infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils. This is self-care that fits in your pocket!
Backgammon board

Backgammon board

For a donation of €100 or more you will have the opportunity to take part in a timeless tradition and game that transcends borders: backgammon, also known as tawleh or nardeh. This lasercut, travel-sized backgammon board is housed in upcycled fabric from a tent which once stood inside Katsikas refugee camp.

A donation of €300 or more will receive all three of the items mentioned above!

Monthly donors will receive a special bonus gift: a macrame dragonfly keychain, woven for you within the creative workspace of Habibi.Works. Small but powerful, the dragonfly is a messenger of rebirth and renewal. It represents change, adaptability and self-realisation.

How to donate

To make a donation to our winter campaign, you have two options:

  1. Donate via Betterplace using the form below, or
  2. Making a direct transfer to our bank account using the following details:

Account number:

Soup and Socks e.V.‎
Sparkasse Heidelberg
Winter Campaign + your address + email address + if you are a monthly donor*

Owner: Soup and Socks e.V.‎
IBAN: DE71672500200009251464‎
Account number: 9251464‎
BLZ: 67250020‎
Institute: Sparkasse Heidelberg
Reference: Winter Campaign + your address + email address + if you are a monthly donor*

Very important

You must include your address in the ‘Referencefield when you make your transfer. We need this information to send your special gift! If you are, or are signing up to be, a monthly donor please specify this in the Reference field as well.

If you have any trouble including this information, please email with your name, address and a screenshot of your bank transfer confirmation.