Welcome to Habibi.Works – an open, intercultural makerspace and platform for empowerment, education and community. 

    Our doors are open to people of all backgrounds and skill levels, including people on the move, Greek locals, and makers from around the world. This is a place to meet, gather, and exchange.

    We believe each person is the expert of their own life, and that everyone can be a maker! In this space we are all learners and teachers, working together at eye level. We aim to be a living example of the values we would like to see in our societies: respect, solidarity, and equality.

    Habibi.Works is located at 200m distance from Katsikas refugee camp, where over 1,000 people on the move are living while they go through the asylum process. At its core, Habibi.Works is dedicated to supporting individuals who are seeking a life of safety and dignity in Europe. Alongside support on the ground, day-to-day, we aim to raise awareness about the lived experience of asylum seekers and refugees, elevate the voices of people on the move, and challenge anti-migration narratives.

    The works

    Our makerspace includes several unique working areas, from no-tech to hi-tech, accessible to all.

    Where we work

    Our space stands at 200 metres distance from the largest refugee camp in the Epirus region of Greece, and 7 kilometres from the nearest city of Ioannina.

    How we work

    We believe that every person is the expert of their life. Therefore, we provide platforms that enable people to implement their own ideas and create solutions themselves.

    Implementing self aid since 2016

    Our Origin

    What we offer

    Our goal

    Habibi.Works was established in 2016 by a small German NGO Soup and Socks, e.V. Following the implementation of several aid projects on the ground in Greece, Habibi.Works was designed to be a space of self-aid and self-empowerment, breaking away from traditional aid distribution models which tend to create dependencies on unsustainable systems.

    Habibi.Works exists to be a platform for education, empowerment and community. In order for individuals to create their own solutions, the space offers access, materials and expert guidance in over 10 unique working areas, all housed in a converted factory warehouse across the road from a refugee camp.

    We aim to be the living example of the values we want to see in our society: respect, solidarity, and equality. We believe people are the experts of their own lives, and aim to offer the platform, materials and opportunities for them to be seen (and see themselves) as such. Through the implementation of our vision and values, we hope to see a world where each person’s inherent value is recognised and celebrated, regardless of where they come from.


    Meet the makers: Moshtaq and Maryam
    Meet the maker: Yaakoub