Habibi Winter Campaign

Donations for Refugees in Greece

Habibi.Works’ annual winter campaign is a special way of thanking supporters with a small, symbolic ‎token of gratitude.

Donation Categories
The concept of the Winter Campaign is simple: You make a contribution until 5 December and we ‎send a small piece of Habibi.Works to your home!‎
For a donation of EUR 20 or more, you will receive a lovely lasercut squirrel called Fred., made in the MediaLab of Habibi.Works.
A donation of EUR 50 or more will be met with a wonderful, lavender-scented soap, made in ‎the Natural Cosmetics Studio of Habibi.Works.
For a donation of EUR 80 or more you will receive a spatula made in the carpentry of Habibi.Works from smooth ‎Greek olive wood.
If you choose to make a donation of EUR 120 or more, you will receive all three of these gifts.‎
And if you become a monthly donor of EUR 10 or more, or if you are already a monthly donor, you ‎will additionally receive a special gift – a carabiner from our new working area, the plastic upcycling ‎lab known as Re.Works.‎
To make a donation, you can choose to either use our online donation page or make a classic bank ‎transfer using the information below.
Please make sure to include your address in the “Reference” field to ensure we can mail your ‎special item to the right place!‎
Reference: Winter Campaign + your address + email address
Owner: Soup and Socks e.V.‎
IBAN: DE71672500200009251464‎
Account number: 9251464‎
BLZ: 67250020‎
Institute: Sparkasse Heidelberg